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We're on a mission.

Our Mission

PassHopr™ is an authentication service brought to you by hopr. At hopr, we're on a mission. It all started with a data breach. And then there was another, and another and ... well you get the picture. We know the pain of privacy lost and misplaced trust in businesses that failed to protect our data.
We're on a mission to build a future with stronger and simpler online security for people and businesses

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The work we love

At hopr, we love helping people and businesses who live there lives in a digitally interconnected world. There are many dangers to personal and business privacy and security. We invented Password Hopping® to create Dynamic Passwords as a universal painkiller to many of the security ills and pains that plague us all.

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We Believe...

  1. Personal security and privacy is a fundamental right that extends to digital data. We work hard to earn your trust and ensure that our systems and your data are protected from unauthorized actors
  2. Authentication (access control) across the Internet is fundamentally broken. Our research (and the rise in data breaches) shows that most login systems are unable to protect legitimate users and their data from cyber thieves. We built PassHopr™  to solve this problem.
  3. Well-intended security policies have created a divide and distrust between people and digital businesses. PassHopr™ is unique because it creates a united effort and restores trust between customers and businesses in a common cause for better security and privacy

Our Team!

World Class Skills With A Passion For Our Mission
Tom McNamara
Founder & CEo

Tom is a seasoned CEO with a background in engineering, R&D, technology, and national security. He founded hopr in 2017 and is passionate about improving online security

Greg Young

Greg is an experienced computer scientist, software engineer, and software architect. He has successfully led technology development for several startups

Randy Bloxsome

Randy is a successful and experienced chief financial officer with keen business insight. Randy has successfully led finance efforts for several startups and M&A, too

Jay Good
Lead Developer

Jay is a senior software developer with several decades of experience in multiple languages, frameworks, and technology stacks. He is highly skilled in database performance, too.

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