We ALL Need better Security

Dangers at the Login Page

Your valuable data may be at risk because of dangers at the login page. Ever-increasing reports of data breaches suggests that login security is badly broken. PassHopr™ exists to protect you and your data from login dangers.

Vulnerable Static Credentials
Passwords that seldom (if ever) change give cyberthieves a time advantage. One breach may expose your account and data for months.
Login Information from Data Breaches
Breached records for over 9 billion accounts are available for sale on the dark web. Cyberthieves use this data to launch sophisticated attacks
Antiquated Login Systems
The Internet is filled with sites that use antiquated login systems and ineffective security policies that have not kept pace with cybertheft
Weak and Reused Passwords
Annual studies repeatedly find that the most common passwords exposed in data breaches are "123456" and "password." Weak passwords put everyone at risk.

Password Hopping®

Avoid danger at the login page with PassHopr's dynamic passwords. They're simpler and their short lifetimes protect against cybertheft
Dynamic Passwords rob cyber thieves of time

Replaces vulnerable static passwords with simpler dynamic passwords that change frequently for stronger security

Simple and frustration-free login

Simple formula-based passwords. Remember only your formula and check your inbox for words "Hidden In Plain Sight"

Our algorithm eliminates reused passwords

Our Password Hopping® algorithm guarantees that dynamic passwords are never reused.


Stronger security is available to all businesses regardless of their size. We believe in our service and use it daily

Passwords "hopped" automatically

We invented Password Hopping® to automate creation of stronger dynamic passwords

Stronger Security from two factors at once

Dynamic passwords can include both factors of 2FA in a simple password with a short lifetime

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PassHopr™ is a Password Hopping® platform that protects people and business with stronger and simpler security at the login page. Click the button for your situation.

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