Simply stronger security

Simple and strong dynamic passwords secure your login page, but users only need to remember a simple formula. PassHopr™ Login is available to supplement your existing authentication system or replace it completely

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No Weak or Reused Passwords

PassHopr™Login uses our patent pending PassWord Hopping® algorithm that guarantees that every dynamic password produced for users is never weak or reused. Each hop produces a completely new strong password

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Is Your Login Solution Strong?

Many experts will say that passwords are an outdated login solution.
But the problem is not just the password. So we invented a login solution that restores password security using Password Hopping®
Misuse of Exposed Credentials

Over 9 billion credentials from breached businesses are exposed on the Dark Web. Even strong passwords lack security if criminals have time to crack a database and misuse passwords

Stored Passwords Are A Target of Cyberthieves

Static passwords must be stored in databases for authentication to occur. Even when the passwords are encrypted (hashed) that are a target for cybertheft.

Weak and Reused Passwords

Weak passwords are the most common passwords found in breached databases. Reused passwords put everyone's valuable data at risk.

Using the Same Password for Work and Personal Use

Many employees use their personal passwords for work accounts. This puts valuable business assets at risk when breaches expose personal accounts and social data

Supply Chain Security Failures

Vendors and suppliers may access your business systems for improved operational efficiency. But weak security by vendors and suppliers expose your systems to a breach

Human Error and Configuration Errors

Poor training, human error and mis-configured or un-patched systems are targeted and easily exploited by skilled cyberthieves

Why PassHopr?

PassHopr Login uses only dynamic passwords that are short-lived and disposable. It avoids the weaknesses of static password login systems
Prevent Misuse of Exposed Credentials

Dynamic passwords have short lifetimes so any stolen or cracked dynamic password soon becomes useless.

Eliminate Stored Passwords

Dynamic passwords are only knowable at the time of need. They're constructed from a user-created formula and unpredictable.

End weak and Reused Passwords

Every dynamic password constructed with our Password Hopping® algorithm is built from strong, random, and unique dynamic data

The Security of a Network

As a third-party service, PassHopr™ Login is a platform that networks people and businesses for stronger security with simplicity. Our login network has security capabilities that are not possible with other stand-alone solutions.

Build Customer Trust

Customers want to trust the businesses they frequent. Yet annual surveys reflect declining consumer trust of many online businesses. The visible security of Password Hopping® restores and builds customer trust.

Become a Security Partner

PassHopr™ manages simpler and stronger logins between customers (or employees) and businesses. Our platform and technology builds a three-way partnership for greater simplicity and stronger security for all.

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Learn how PassHopr™ Login overcomes the weaknesses of other login systems

How To Get Started

Get started with five simple steps to increase the security of your login page and build customer loyalty.
PassHopr™ is a cloud Authentication-as-a-Service platform to augment or replace existing authentication services. Registration includes a free trial and several plans to fit businesses of all sizes.

Registration is free and API keys are quickly and easily obtained for evaluation use. PassHopr's API adds a secure "Login with PassHopr™" option to your site's existing authentication system. But with PassHopr™ customers experience the stronger security of Password Hopping® and increase their trust and loyalty to your brand. Best of all, migration costs are minimal and require no investment in new technology.

API Keys are needed to integrate PassHopr™ authentication with your website. Modify a few lines of code on your login page and a few at the backend and your customer easily begin to experience password hopping®

A unique key pair (a public and a secret key) allows developers to integrate your authentication system with PassHopr's API . The API allows your customers to "Login with PassHopr™" with their PassHopr™ account and formula. PassHopr™ authenticates your customer's hopped password and a REST API call acknowledges success to your servers. With PassHopr™, there are no stored passwords to be lost, stolen, or misused.

Add a small amount of code to your login page and to your server backend. Our code enables secure interactive modals on your login page. We provide documentation, examples, and technical support in our knowledge center

Our Interactive API requires about 12 lines of Javascript added to the HTML login page. Our REST API also requires code added at the backend of your webserver in a programming language suited for your server framework. We provide code snippets written in PHP for guidance and easy conversion. Full API documentation and technical support are available, too.

Your API keys and free trial are supported with a PassHopr™ "sandbox" environment to allow easy development and testing to ensure quality and reliability for your customers. We're keen on the customer experience, too!

Since most authentication systems use passwords for authentication, the integration of PassHopr™ is simple and easy. Our sandbox environment is a fully functional Password Hopping® system and the PassHopr™ API interacts with PassHopr's servers just as they would in an operations environment. We provide thorough documentation and technical support to your developers to ensure a successful integration.

Activate your account to go live with the PassHopr™ APIs. Your trial Key Pair is replaced with an operational Key Pair and plans include monthly and annual contract options.

Your free trial plan transitions to a paid plan and a new "operational" API key pair is issued to work with PassHopr's operational servers. Once the PassHopr™ API is live on your site, PassHopr™ technical support is available for your customers using PassHopr™ to login to their accounts. Migration from static passwords to dynamic passwords is customer-paced and easily reversible so that your deployment risk and costs are minimized

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How It Works

Stronger Security

PassHopr's stronger security uses Password Hopping® for a simple experience that is secure, fast, and fuss-free

PassHopr™ sends email with headlines
Users receive an email with news headlines whenever a hop cycle occurs, One of the headlines contains a word "hidden in plain sight"
The user constructs their password
A "Hidden In Plain Sight" (HIPS) word within a headline is applied to the user's formula to construct the dynamic password
The user submits their dynamic password at the login page of your site
PassHopr's Interactive API presents a modal on your login page to receive the dynamic password
PassHopr™ authenticates the user
PassHopr™ knows the user's formula and HIPS Word and constructs the authentic password for comparison
Our REST API notifies your webserver
If there is a password match, then a secure TLS authentication notice is sent to your server via our REST API
User access is granted
Your webserver grants access to the user
Track authentication performance
Track the performance of your login page activity from your PassHopr™ Business dashboard.


Why is Password Hopping® More Secure?


First, the security obtained from Password Hopping® is a combination of the password and its short-lifetime rather than the password length or complexity alone. Secondly, Password Hopping® robs cyber thieves of their advantage of time because stolen passwords are very likely to become obsolete before misuse can occur. Password Hopping® is forced password obsolescence. Thirdly, when PassHopr™ Login is the sole login system for a business, there are no stored passwords to be misused or stolen. And employee work passwords are segregated from personal passwords

Is the security of Password Hopping® as strong as multi-factor authentication (MFA)?


Yes. It is as strong and much simpler to use, too. For example, two-factor authentication (2FA) requires “something you know” and “something you get or have.” In most 2FA solutions, your static password is factor 1 and a code on your mobile device provides factor 2. PassHopr™ formulas can automatically construct dynamic passwords that include two factors: part of the dynamic password is fixed (the first factor) and the HIPS Word(s) that you must find for each password hop are factor 2. Is Password Hopping® delivers strong security without interruption, delay, and friction of typical 2FA.

If I use PassHopr™ Login, do I still need to add other security tests like CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA or security questions or 2FA to my login process?


No. dynamic passwords constructed from our patent pending Password Hopping® system provide all the security strength that a patchwork of extra security tests are intended to produce. Those tests often frustrate customers (known as 'customer friction') and delay the important business they want to transact with your business. And many of them are obsolete and ineffective. PassHopr™ Login provides stronger security and greater simplicity (less friction) for customers of a business.

What does PassHopr™ do to prevent weak or reused passwords?


PassHopr™ guarantees that its dynamic passwords generated from its Password Hopping® algorithm will never produce a weak or reused password. To prevent reused passwords the algorithm automatically tracks prior HIPS Words and ensures that any future HIPS Word from a formula and headlines we email is different from previous passwords. To prevent weak passwords, the algorithm requires a minimum number of characters for HIPS Words and alterations are added to strengthen the password.

How Does PassHopr Work With My Online Business?


Any business login page can use PassHopr™ and increase its login security with dynamic passwords. All that is needed is a PassHopr™ account and an API Key Pair and the installation of a few lines of code on your login page. Our Interactive API displays login modals for your users to submit their login credentials to PassHopr™ and our REST API handles the authentication in a secure server-to-server link.

Is Transitioning From Static to Dynamic Password Authentication Expensive?


No. The PassHopr™ Login solution of dynamic passwords is easily added to existing web technology stacks and requires no additional hardware costs as is customary for some systems, including 2FA. A small about of computer code must be added to the front and backend of your business web environment to enable Password Hopping®

Does PassHopr Provide a Sandbox for Integration and Testing Before Going Live?


Yes. PassHopr™ supports business subscribers with technical assistance and a development API Keys to allow integration and testing to a dev URL of their choice. We also provide API documentation and code snippets in a dedicated PassHopr™ Business Knowledge Base. Integration requires only a small amount of code.

Do my customers need a PassHopr™ account to use Password Hopping®?


Yes. It is very simple for them to sign up right from your login page with just an email and first name. They will receive PassHopr Personal for FREE.

PassHopr™ serves as an independent authenticator of dynamic passwords and manages a three-party transaction  (your business, your customers, and PassHopr™) for simpler and stronger login. PassHopr™ Business provides business owners and administrators with stronger security features and insights than most login systems, and at a much lower cost. We have a range of plans to meet the needs of all businesses.

How do I migrate existing customers to PassHopr™ Login?


Migration of your customers can occur in two ways.
For PassHopr™ Login that supplements your existing authentication system (i.e. you add the "Login with PassHopr" button to your login page. Migration of your customers is self-paced. They can begin to use PassHopr right from your login page and can revert back to your login system whenever they choose.

When PassHopr™ Login is the replacement authentication service, migration of customers can be either "bulk" or "self-paced". We work with businesses in a carefully orchestrated customer onboarding process to ensure migration is simple and free of friction.

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