Here's what we do.

We protect people from the weaknesses that exist in most all login systems. These security weaknesses lead to personal data and privacy loss
Create stronger passwords

Weak passwords are the most common passwords found accounts from data breaches. Weak passwords place your privacy at risk. PassHopr's dynamic passwords are based on formulas that guarantee password strength.

End password complexity

Passwords requirements are inconsistent and complex. Password Hopping® eliminates complexity because security occurs from short password lifetimes.

Remove login friction

Login friction occurs from the many password policies, security questions, CAPTCHAs, and other interruptions. Our dynamic (hopped) passwords remove these sources of friction.

Prevent password reuse

Reused static passwords may be easy to remember, but they are also easily exploited. Our Password Hopping® algorithm automatically prevents password reuse

Leave you in control

PassHopr formulas and hopping cycles can be personalized to fit your situation. Your security and privacy are always under your control

Never store passwords

Unlike other static login systems, PassHopr™ never stores passwords where they are a target for theft and misuse. Dynamic passwords are only constructed when you need to login to a site

We guarantee a simple and secure login experience.
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How It Works

Example Password Construction

Simple and Stronger Passwords

Password Hopping® delivers a simple experience that is secure, fast, and fuss-free. You only need to remember your formula and follow steps 2, 3, and 4 below when your password hops.

Sign up and receive a formula
We automatically create your first formula. It describes where to find a "hidden in plain sight" (HIPS) word in a news headline and how to construct a password with it.
Check you inbox on your hopping cycle
PassHopr™ sends an email with news headlines whenever their passwords hop. One of the headlines contains the HIPS Word to use with your formula. When you first get started, your hopping cycle is daily.
Construct your hopped password
Locate your HIPS Word and apply your formula to construct the dynamic password
Submit your hopped password wherever PassHopr™ Login is offered
PassHopr's Interactive API presents a modal on your login page to receive the dynamic password
Add login sites to PassHopr™
Add and pair your sites/accounts to your PassHopr™ formula. If your sites do not yet offer PassHopr™ Login, add them to your wishlist. You can also personalize your formula and hopping cycle so it's easy to remember

What our users say...

"I was at my wits end with the difficulty of signing in to my online accounts. I have a password manager, but it had issues, too. Daily Password Hopping® has made it so much simpler for me. And I like having some control over my passwords."

Cynthia T
young boomer

"Ugh! I like the security of 2FA, but the use of it was really slow and frustrating. Finding PassHopr has given me the security I wanted without the hassle. Their dynamic passwords let me know the security is stronger."

Amelia M

"My family just roll their eyes at me because I am a nightmare when it comes to personal passwords. With all of the data breaches, I knew I needed a better way, and finding PassHopr™ has really given me confidence that my accounts will stay secure.

Jenny Y


What is a PassHopr formula?


Formulas are a secret (known only to you and PassHopr™) set of easy-to-remember rules (instructions) that define how a password is constructed from dynamic information hidden in plain sight, such as news headlines. Our research suggests that many people already use a scheme to create the static passwords they use today. Formulas can be personalized by their owner, but we make it easy to start by assigning an automatic formula to you when you sign up so you can get started quickly without a hassle. You can always edit or create new formulas through your PassHopr™ account.

Is the security of Password Hopping® as strong as multi-factor authentication (MFA)?


Yes. It is as strong and much simpler to use, too. For example, two-factor authentication (2FA) requires “something you know” and “something you get or have.” In most 2FA solutions, your static password is factor 1 and a code on your mobile device provides factor 2. PassHopr formulas can automatically construct dynamic passwords that include both factors: part of the dynamic password is fixed (the first factor) and the HIPS Word(s) that you must find for each password hop are factor 2. Is Password Hopping® delivers strong security without interruption, delay, and friction of typical 2FA.

Do I need a PassHopr account to use Password Hopping®


Yes. Password Hopping® is the patent pending technology behind the PassHopr platform. PassHopr™ serves as an independent authenticator of dynamic passwords and manages a three-party (you, an online site, and PassHopr) transaction for simpler and stronger login. You're in control of your security and manage your formulas and sites through your PassHopr account. But don't worry, our Free Forever plan is all you need to use Password Hopping®

How do I know when my passwords hop?


Your passwords hop on a schedule of your choice. Our Free Forever plan offers daily, weekly, and monthly Password Hopping®. Whenever a password hop occurs, you'll receive an email from PassHopr™ with a series of news headlines. The arrival of our headlines email in your inbox let's you know that you passwords have hopped. Just remember your formula and find the "Hidden In Plain Sight" (HIPS ) Word then apply the rest of your formula to construct the new password.

Are you resetting the passwords to my accounts at all of my login sites?


No. PassHopr™ doesn't change or reset passwords for anyone's accounts. Instead, our service operates independently to a traditional static authentication system. PassHopr is supported at sites that are serious about your security and privacy. We use a process called "Pairing" to ensure that Password Hopping® is legitimately authorized by the account owner. Pairing occurs the first time you sign in to one of your accounts with PassHopr™; after pairing, your hopped password is authenticated by PassHopr.

Do I need to log in somehere and use my password each time it hops?


No.  Whether you use a hopped password or not has no effect on you. You only need to know your current dynamic password when its time to use it at a login page. We provide emails with multiple headlines whenever your passwords hop, so you will always know your current passwords. But more frequent hopping improves your security because others cannot misuse your password if they happened to obtain it. And any prior hopped passwords are disposable and not reused.

Is PassHopr™ a password manager?


PassHopr™ manages dynamic passwords. It is not a password vault or wallet like many password managers that manage only static passwords. PassHopr™ is a new generation of password manager that uses Active Password Management™ (APM). APM reaches a new level of security and safety in three ways: 1) the "strength" of your security is combination of the password strength and its lifetime (think simpler passwords with a shorter lifespan). 2) Dynamic passwords are never stored where they can be stolen and cracked. They don't exist in a database, vault, or wallet. 3)  Dynamic passwords are disposable; they are automatically constructed and hopped (replaced) with a formula that you control with our patent pending Password Hopping® technology.
But best of all, you need only remember a simple formula and look for our email when your password hops.

How do I use PassHopr™ at sites where I have accounts?


When you open your PassHopr™ account, you are asked to identify your online sites and account username/email (but never the Password!). PassHopr™ contacts the sites your requested and works with them to enable Password Hopping® login. Once that site adds a “Login with PassHopr™” button, you simply use that button to login with your hopped password.
The first time you "login with PassHopr™" at any of your sites, a verification process called "pairing" ensures that your site account is securely enabled for Password Hopping®. Your account password (the static one) is verified by the site before Password Hopping® is enabled. Pairing is a one-time process and ensures your security, your old static password is deleted for your security. More details on pairing can be found at the links below.

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Never forget a password again
End login frustration and protect your online accounts. Experience the simplicity and security of Password Hopping® for free and at no risk.

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