Password Hopping®

Passwords aren't as secure as they once were.
Even strong ones lose their secrecy with time. Adding movement (hopping) to create dynamic passwords restores their security.
Security that moves

Movement has long been a successful defensive strategy. But PassHopr™ is the first to achieve movement and secrecy with its patent pending Password Hopping® technology

Hide in plain sight

We use dynamic information that changes rapidly, is "hidden in plain sight" (HIPS) and is easily accessible as the foundation for our algorithm that constructs strong passwords and codes

Hopping cycles

Passwords and passcodes expire and are replaced (hop) at a time interval you choose. The shorter the time period the stronger the security. Dynamic passwords become useless when the next hop occurs

Personal Formulas

A simple formula is all you need to remember. It define where to find your HIPS Word. Each time a hop occurs just remember your formula to learn the new HIPS Word and apply your formula

No password reuse

Our Password Hopping® algorithm guarantees that passwords are never weak or reused. - each one is strong and unique for you. Know for certain that your passwords are strong rather than thinking they might be

Simple to use

Security must be simple to be effective. And PassHopr™ was built to be the simplest and strongest password solution at a time when most users are frustrated with irritating security challenges

Secure and Easy to Use

Stronger security from a combination of time and a password

Password Hopping® by Numbers


Create a Formula

Create and name a personal formula or use our automatic formula generator


Pick a hop cycle

Choose when your passwords hop. Use shorter cycles with a simpler formula


Add your sites

Add the URL address of your login sites where you want to use Password Hopping®


Check your inbox

For convenience, we'll email news headlines whenever a password hop occurs


Find your HIPS Word

Use your formula to locate your HIPS Word in the headlines


Construct your password

Apply your formula to construct the hopped password


Login with PassHopr™

Use the "Login With PassHopr™" option at your login sites


Remember your formula

Keep it secret. Keep it safe. Remember only your formula